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Pap smear testing is a routine part of women’s health care that no woman in her reproductive years should overlook. These screenings are available from Nagamani Rao, MD, for women in and around Webster, Texas. To schedule an appointment for Pap smear testing with Clear Lake Women’s Center, call the office or book online today.

Pap Smear Q&A

What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a simple and quick screening for cervical cancer. It is performed during your routine pelvic exams. There is absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to having a Pap smear, and many women report feeling no sensation at all during the process. 

Dr. Rao ensures you are resting comfortably on the exam table before beginning your pelvic exam. A special tool called a speculum is used to gently open your vaginal walls so she can visually inspect your vaginal and cervical tissues for signs of abnormalities. 

At this stage of the exam, a special spatula or brush is used to collect a small amount of cells from various areas of your cervix. The process takes just seconds and sometimes creates a sensation similar to a menstrual cramp. 

Once the cells are collected they are sent to a lab for microscopic evaluation. The highly skilled lab technicians can detect cellular changes even in the precancerous stage. 

Why is Pap smear testing important?

Pap smear testing allows Dr. Rao to diagnose cancer in the earliest possible stages, when treatment is usually most effective. It has truly revolutionized cervical cancer care for women of all ages. 

Cervical cancer was once a leading cause of death among women. By the time symptoms were obvious, the cancer had often progressed to a stage where treatment could not control it. However, once Pap smear testing became widely available, rates of cervical cancer dropped sharply. 

This is why Pap smear testing is now a standard part of women’s health care. 

How often do I need Pap smear testing?

You may not need to have a Pap smear during every annual well woman exam. If your most recent screening did not show abnormal results, you may be able to have your next Pap smear three years later. 

However, if you have a history of abnormal Pap smear results or have certain other risk factors, you may need more frequent Pap smear screening. During your well-woman exams, you’ll learn more about Pap smear scheduling that’s best suited for your specific needs. 

To schedule an appointment for Pap smear testing with Clear Lake Women’s Center in Webster, Texas, call the office or book online today.